Monday, May 7, 2012

How Can I Get Involved?

When the tornadoes hit the Midwest, I began planning to visit the affected areas and see how Matthew 25: Ministries could help. One of my close friends, Levi, lives very close to some of the hardest hit areas. When I needed a place to stay, Levi and his wife Kristin, along with their two children Colton and Kylie, welcomed me in. After seeing the hardship and devastation caused by the tornadoes, it was so great to be with him and his family. I was able to escape from everything for a few hours and “recharge my batteries." This was very important for me, because it helped to clear my mind. Being away from my family is hard for me and spending time with Levi and his family was exactly what I needed. 

I want to thank Levi, Kristin, Colton and Kylie for the help they gave me during the first couple weeks after the tornadoes. A lot of people admire Matthew 25: Ministries’ work with the poor, but it’s only accomplished through the support of many people. Without friends, family, volunteers, staff and partners, we would not be able to do what we do. 

The next time you want to get involved and help others in need through Matthew 25: Ministries, remember it's as easy as lending a hand, time or resources.

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