Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jamaica Mission Trip

I recently got back from a trip to Jamaica. I wasn't on an exotic cruise or a vacation to one of the top resorts. I went with a Matthew 25: Ministries’ mission team to visit places that we support. The country of Jamaica is so beautiful and the people mirror their surroundings, but they are in dire need.

We visited several hospitals that were packed full of patients hoping to see a doctor. Unfortunately, most would be turned away, only to have to come back the next day and try again. Their health care is decades behind ours. A patient may have to wait 6 months for a surgery and then it may be cancelled at the last minute because there isn't enough staff or supplies to perform it.

We visited another place that cares for both physically and mentally challenged children. It was very hard to see and experience this. While all the children are being cared for and loved, I could tell that the facility is understaffed and in need of more help. The children stay in large, bare rooms without any activities to fill their time. It broke my heart to see children living like this. If it were up to me, I would bring them all home with me, but that is not a reality. We must continue to support these care givers and provide what they need to care for these incredible children. These were only a few of the many places we visited, and I feel truly blessed that we are able to help them. 

View photos from Matthew 25: Ministries' mission trip to Jamaica.

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