Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fighting Hunger

With the Fighting Hunger 5K less than 10 days away, I coldly and fondly remember the two different years I "camped" on top of the building for an entire week. I experienced all different types of weather up there—extreme thunderstorms, cold and even snow. I did all of this to raise awareness about hunger, our annual 5K race and the Fighting Hunger food drive for local food pantries in the Greater Cincinnati area. While the conditions may have been extreme, it doesn't compare to what people around the world and here in Cincinnati face every day. I was actually the lucky one up there on the roof—I had a tent, a heater and other comforts. Plus, I always had the option of going inside. But most people living in impoverished situations don't have that option. So this year, please think of those in need and how you can help better their lives.

In the photo from left to right: Wendell Mettey (Dad), Chuck Ingram from 700WLW, and me.

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