Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Chance Encounter

Sitting in my office, I had the pleasure of overhearing an exchange between a grandmother and grandson in the hallway. The grandson had been volunteering for some service hours and was on his way out when he passed his grandmother, who was coming in to volunteer. Neither of the two knew that the other was going to be here that day. The grandson explained why he was here and his grandmother told him how she has been volunteering here since we were located in Loveland, Ohio. She explained the history of Matthew 25: Ministries to her grandson... I think she explained it better then I could have done. While it seems like a chance happening, this type of encounter actually occurs more often than you know. Loved ones from all over come here to meet up; some intentional and some not. But the thing that stood out to me about the grandmother and grandson was the subject they discussed afterwards. They talked about an ailing family member and how they both where trying to take care of them in their own way. The grandson reassured his grandmother, and she reassured him and this went on for nearly ten minutes. Just by being here, they both helped the poor through volunteering and also were able to help each other through their hard time.

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