Monday, August 1, 2011

Appalachia Mission Trip

For the past eight years Matthew 25: Ministries has led a team of staff and volunteers to Appalachia with the mission of improving the environment and lives of students in a rural West Virginia elementary school. Each summer the mission team completes various renovation projects and runs an educational day camp for students.

This July, Matthew 25 upgraded the school's library by replacing the 31-year-old carpet with new tile, touching up the wall paint and assembling new furniture, including bookshelves and computer tables. The students love their new library and will greatly benefit from the improved facilities.

As the maintenance team accomplished their tasks, other members of the mission team organized an educational day camp for the elementary school students. The children were challenged to learn in creative and interactive ways through a fun assortment of projects, games and activities.

The trip was a huge success. All of our goals for the week were accomplished – the kids had a lot of fun at camp, the library looks brand new, and the students, staff, and community were encouraged by Matthew 25: Ministries’ on-going support.

View photos from the 2011 Appalachia Mission Trip here.

"This was the first mission trip I have ever been on so I wasn't sure what to expect. Being able to interact with the kids and see how much our time and effort positively impacts their lives made me believe in our purpose of being there even more. This week was a huge blessing and I would gladly welcome the opportunity to be a part of future mission trips." - Lauren, 2011 Appalachia Mission Trip team member

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