Friday, June 10, 2011

A Future for Haiti

Haiti has been torn apart by massacres, dictators, hurricanes, earthquakes, and many more things I could mention. Pretty much anything that could have happened to keep Haiti from thriving, has happened.

On my most recent trip to Haiti in June, some things did not unfold like we had planned and hoped they would. In response, Haitians and relief workers alike would make the comment, “It’s their culture,” or “It’s just Haiti. What do you expect?” These comments made me sick to my stomach. They were like nails down a chalkboard for me. These people all knew Haiti’s past, and they were now using it as a reason for why things didn’t work out. How could they say such a thing? They were dooming Haiti to repeat its past hardships in the future.

Many people wiser than myself have said, “History is to be learned from so that you do not repeat its mistakes in the future.” So, why were these people using Haiti’s past as a reason for why things weren’t working out now?

The concerns I brought up to our team about these comments were just that, concerns. I know these people very well, and I know they love Haiti. But we have to be careful not to stereotype or make generalizations, because they can be part of the reason why different groups of people are held back or looked down upon.

I believe that things are changing in Haiti. If not, then why help? Why take the time to lend a hand or care for these children who desperately need our help? Believe that change is happening, because it is happening everywhere. Matthew 25: Ministries and our partners have and will continue to help the people of Haiti make a better life.

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